Bad News... - _-

2017-08-07 05:56:07 by ItadashiKeiichi

Guys, bad news... I declined the new EP that I should release for this month...

The problem is, I had been requested to help my close friend for making a OST for his animation and plus, i don't have time for doing this new EP I should release... I'm sorry guys but don't worry, when me and my friend had done for that, i'm surely i'll make more music! With a new level...


Sayonara, minna-san and thank you for reading this small news, hope u understand... ^-^


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2017-08-07 08:10:17

Good luck with your OST project, and keep on improving!

ItadashiKeiichi responds:

Thank you for the support @YomToxic! *^*