Entry #1

Souldrive is Out!!!! ( > ^ < )

2017-06-28 06:22:28 by ItadashiKeiichi

So this will be my first post in this NG page.... " ^ ^


Yet, my ultimate masterpeice with some stunning melodies and enegetic feeling of the beat.

Dont worry guys, if i reach 100 followers in Soundcloud, this track will be free!

Heres the link of my track!!! Have fun listening to it! Arigato! ^ ^



Dont forget to like my page on Soundcloud!!!


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2017-06-28 09:46:04

Had a lot of fun listening to it, actually. Keep going!

ItadashiKeiichi responds:

Thaank you for listening! ^ ^ I'm gonna post this track on NG for free download after I release the EP.