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Just Made a Cheer Up Track for Noisysundae's Ongoing Project and Good and Bad News

Posted by ItadashiKeiichi - 1 month ago


Today, i'm about to say a good news and bad news today, don't worry, it's just less just for the sake of the people who are bored to read very long newsfeeds.... ^^;

The good news here is. In June 17, 2018, I made free two tracks in this site (which is presumbly Drum n Bass) as a cheer-up track for @noisysundae 's project that they are currently going on, and the name is Decay their first ever game they ever made in newgrounds. Watch the video on the beta introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjaZeGttQUw

This game is a indie project made by... You guessed it, Noisysundae theirself... 

About the music I made, you can use the music on your game projects (only, no remixes) but always ask permission to me always ^^;  The breakbeats? This is just my practice on that, my first practice in making fast-paced DnB (I rarely make DnB these times cause I have less improvements in that) and the pianoes, I just liveplay it after I made breakbeats during my production, I took it like just 2 hours of finishing it and use this music as a running loop, perfect for games that needs main menu bgms cause that is what I design this track for... ^^;

Anyways, big shoutout to @noisysundae who is currrently doing his tasks and his projects. You can do it bro! Hope you have free time finishing everything you are currently on doing! *^*)/ *wave wave*

Okay, let's go to the bad news, the bad news is, I am in the middle of the writter's block of making a remix of @shye 's Looking Up Collection. Well, the reason? One answer, noices (not them but the litteral noice from my younger brother's) which makes me unstable in my thinking but dont worry Shye-chan, i'll do what is my best that I would make a very nice remix for that, I promise.


Anyways, that is all I can say now, thank you very much for reading the update! uwu

From, ケイイチ圭一, the cheerleading leader guy


And btw, the track's links:

And the news announcement from noisysundae:

Please support their game by playing their game in beta. which is found in the facebook post with a link that they write. Better play it, it's fun! uwu


Visit noisysundae's newgrounds page for their more works: https://noisysundae.newgrounds.com

*Trans note: Hello everyone! (for your sake, don't ever use google translate for this, let me handle it.)


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I'm very happy you made so many things for me, but the thing that is actually going on is, I'm on the job as a programmer and the spare time for Noisysundae are stripped out. (Can only work here on weekends. :( ) The progress on the renovation will be very slow. For the game, I intended to remake it from scratch, but I must finish the renovation first (gotta make a new jingle after that either way.). The game design is still the same, though.

It's all fine. I can understand you bruh. Still I can support you whatever I do, as a no. 1 premium
daily customer. uwu
Good luck on these and do your best!