Another Good and Bad News...

2017-08-07 06:34:43 by ItadashiKeiichi

Guys, good news! I released Souldrive! 

While bad news is, I unpublished Ignition REM... I know guys that you did'nt like the Remastered ver. of it...

Now you can use this Souldrive for remix but ask permission to me first, becouse i'll look over your work there btw...

Oh! The link btw....

Thank you for reading this news and... See you! ^w^

Bad News... - _-

2017-08-07 05:56:07 by ItadashiKeiichi

Guys, bad news... I declined the new EP that I should release for this month...

The problem is, I had been requested to help my close friend for making a OST for his animation and plus, i don't have time for doing this new EP I should release... I'm sorry guys but don't worry, when me and my friend had done for that, i'm surely i'll make more music! With a new level...


Sayonara, minna-san and thank you for reading this small news, hope u understand... ^-^

Kroo Kroo~ Good news!! ^-^

2017-07-28 05:18:26 by ItadashiKeiichi

Kroo kroo~ Konichiwa minna-san! Night Owls Piano Mix is out!!! > u <)/ Kroo~

Discussion About This Page (w/ updates!!!) :3

2017-07-02 02:20:22 by ItadashiKeiichi


So, seems like you,ve been hanging on on the edge of the line? Just kidding, i'm just singing... ^ ^

Where are we? Oh! Ok.... Seems like you've been listening some musics all along in my page right? If no, then do it now! About this page, the purpose of this is a promo place where you gonna download my songs free that belongs to my main page which is Soundcloud. Here, not only arts and music is what i gonna create, also games and animations (but it will be on future). The reason why i'm not making arts now that's because I had no buget to buy a painting tool (I already have a painting tool before but its not compatiblle on my pc tho said that guy...)  so next year, or months, i'll release some new arts, and they are more better than before... So today, i'm still working for my new EP that I release on Soundcloud on July-Aug, this includes the outstanding tracks Souldrive and the remastered ver. of Fate, it has 2-7 total tracks that I compile with various genres. Hope you didnt gobbled up by cobwebs from waiting... ^ ^


Thank you for reading this post! And have a nice stay on my page! ^ ^

Soundcloud home link :

Arigato gozaimasu! ^ ^

Souldrive is Out!!!! ( > ^ < )

2017-06-28 06:22:28 by ItadashiKeiichi

So this will be my first post in this NG page.... " ^ ^


Yet, my ultimate masterpeice with some stunning melodies and enegetic feeling of the beat.

Dont worry guys, if i reach 100 followers in Soundcloud, this track will be free!

Heres the link of my track!!! Have fun listening to it! Arigato! ^ ^

Dont forget to like my page on Soundcloud!!!